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Keeping focused and Motivated.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. If you are a regular reader thank you for coming back, and to all my new readers thank you all for coming over, you are all appreciated.…

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Paris on a budget…ticking off bucket list

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well.

A few weeks ago Cadrie and I went for a little weekend getaway in Paris children free, and bwoy what an experience it was.

It was a nice relaxing weekend just the two of us, haven’t done that in ages and what better place to do it but in the beautiful city of  Paris.

We arrived on an early Friday morning and depart late Sunday evening, that way we could have a full weekend, we didn’t do much on Friday but just chill,  have few drinks and planned for the Saturday.

The Saturday

Saturday morning we got up early, overly excited to go into the heart of the city, called a taxi and got dropped off at the beautiful Eiffel tower

Paris on a budget

Paris on budget

Honestly, I could pinch myself, what a stunner it was, there was a long queue with people waiting to climb the Eiffel tower, but that wasn’t an interest to either of us, the main thing for us is that we were there and we saved a few coins by not climbing the Eiffel tower.

We walked around it for a bit and then we went and have breakfast in a beautiful cafe, everything in Paris is beautiful its like I couldn’t put my camera down, call me frighten but I don’t care lol.

After breakfast we went back and wandered around by the Eiffel Tower for a bit more, We then came to a conclusion to do the open top bus tour which would have taken us to all the main attractions for a couple bucks of course, but we cancelled and decided to walk around and do it ourselves.

It was way much more fun,  by the way, everything in Paris is expensive, so if you do go there be prepared.

We made our way around the city with google map, kept stopping to see things as they caught our eyes, the city is magnificent, architecture is beautiful, stunning balconies and the cafes were overflowing, streets were busy and everyone was in good spirit and the weather was perfect to top it off.


That is a way to save more money and it’s also more enjoyable if you are up to it, Paris is definitely a city of love, and I am already planning a trip back, I would suggest going if you can, but try and visit the attractions without doing it the tourist way save yourselves few coins.

beautiful Paris

beautiful Paris

beautiful ParisI was in awe that I made it into Paris, ticking off my bucking list slowly and hopefully get the chance to tick a few more off very soon, life is for just living right? lol.

beautiful Paris

Hope you enjoy my lovelies, catch up next week with a new post.

Thanks for reading x.



Missing in action is needed every now and then.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

Hello my lovelies,
hope you are all doing well, I know I have been MIA from creating contents on my blog https://www.kaydeoncargill.co.uk, and I do apologize especially to my dedicated readers, but sometimes in life you have to stop, recharge, live in the moment and get inspired so you can be an inspiration to others.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

The good news is that I am back and will be posting a new content every Monday as per usual, there will also be few tweaks on the blog, you will notice that in the coming days so keep an eye or two out for that, I appreciate all the love and positive energy I am receiving.
I don’t know what I am doing to receive all this support, but I am forever grateful.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

I am very excited and highly motivated to create some good material coming over the winter months, weather permitting, so stay with me on this journey and let us continue to go through this together.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

winter fashion, trendy fashion

This weeks motivation quote is:
“Mistakes, Failures, Insult, Frustration and Rejection” are part of progress and growth, nobody ever achieved anything worthwhile without facing these five things.

Thank you all for reading and catch up with you next week for a new post.


How to style a slip dress…during summer time.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well, thank you for the love on my previous post Be Bold Beautiful and Brave wearing prints this summer, really do appreciate it.

This week I am showing you how to style a slip dress in few different ways.

Slip dresses are slinky with a silky material, but you can dress them up in several ways because they are very versatile, definitely a wardrobe staple piece.


This is how I styled my slip dress.

  1. The first way I styled my slip dress is by accessorizing with a belt, giving it more of a stylish look.

slip dress, summer style, summer trend


2. The second way I styled my slip dress is just to wear a basic t-shirt underneath, this is how most people wear theirs.

slip dress, summer trend, summer look


3. The third way I styled my slip dress is by wearing it as a cami top with jeans, no one can tell it is a dress.

slip dress, summer look, summer trend

4. And the fourth way I styled my slip dress is putting a white shirt over the top of it.

slip dress, summer trend, summer look

Do you like the slip dresses? let me know if you do and how you will be styling yours this summer.

Once again thank you for the continuous support, catch up with you next Monday with a new post.


Be Bold Beautiful and Brave wearing prints this summer

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying these beautiful sunny warm days.
This week I am talking all about prints, there are so many prints out there to play around with this summer, like florals, gingham, plaid, polka dots, monochromes, leopard prints and lots more.

Not everyone is brave enough to try some of these prints, but for me, I am not scared when it comes to trying anything to do with fashion, I love it and love taking the risk.
Sometimes I pulled it off, sometimes I don’t and I just laughed at myself, because I don’t take some things too seriously.
To be honest, how are you going to know what works for you and what doesn’t?, if you are not willing to play around and try.

summer prints, summer outfit

summer prints, summer outfit

Summer is the best time to experiment with different colours and prints
I got these trousers from Asos, at first I was a bit hesitant with the loud print, and then I remembered I am no longer settling for comfort zones.

This print has more of a vintage look and I love that about it, it’s different and you won’t see everyone wearing it, it’s stylish fits perfectly and very flattering, I kept it simple and didn’t accessorize because I wanted it to stand out.

summer prints, summer outfit

I have collected a few different types of prints to play around in this summer and I promise that I will try and photograph as much as possible to show you guys.

summer prints, summer outfit

Please keep up to date with my Instagram pagehttps://www.instagram.com/kaydeoncargill to see more.

Have you been playing around with prints? let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and catch up with you all next Monday for a new post.


Five shoe hacks, every girl should know.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well.

This week I am listing five shoe hacks that every girl should know.


  1. We all have that favorite shoe that we like to wear, sometimes we wear it continuously until the tip of it worn out and started making that annoying sound, simple replace the tip of them with a shoe heel tip, you can find these on eBay or Amazon that way you will have lots more wear out of them.

2.   A shoe a little bit too big – we often found a shoe that we liked so much, but they might be a bit too big, simply solve the problem by buying an insole cushion, some of these comes in the form of a foamy sponge, which gives you a bit of extra filling and comfort these are a game changer.

3. Marks on shoes can be a put-off,  you can remove marks on patent shoes with nail polish remover and vinegar with a toothbrush on others, vinegar works well for everything.

4. A tight shoe can be unbearable, causing so much discomfort that you lose focus on what’s happening around you, to break into them wear the shoe with a pair of sock around the house and blow dry it for a few minutes with a hairdryer.

5. some shoes can very slippery, and you get that feeling you’re going to fall on your face anytime soon, simply solve the problem by using a sandpaper and rub off the bottom of the shoe to give it more of a firmer grip.

Hope these are all helpful, thank you all for reading and catch up with you soon.


Top five ways to get a summer body glow…

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are doing well, and enjoying this glorious sunshine, of all the years living in England I have never seen such hot lovely weather and for so long.

I am enjoying every bit of it.

This week I will be listing my top five ways to get that beautiful summer glow

  1. Water- I know water is one of the hardest things to drink for some people, but here is a little trick, get one of those kool looking water bottle and take it everywhere you go, set yourself a target, by drinking two or three bottles a day until you can do more, water is so essential and important for beautiful glowing skin.


2. Exfoliate- Exfoliating every now and then is very important to get rid of dead skin cells on the body, there are so many on the market to choose from, regular exfoliating will leave your skin looking fresh, healthy and feeling soft.


3. Moisturize- Moisturizing is so important to help and prevent dry skin, I’ve been using coconut oil for a while now, and its one of the best decisions I’ve made, it’s very affordable, smells delicious and leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished.




summer glow, body regime

4. Face Mask- This is my Sunday treat, it can easily be done, put your mask on and carry on doing your tasks, face mask leaves your skin looking healthy and refreshed instant summer glow.

5. Glow oil- I love the glow oils, after your exfoliation and putting on moisturizer you can add a little bit of glow oil over your body to get that extra glow, I use the glowing oil by Barry M, smells divine and does what it says on the bottle.

summer glow, body regime

Do you have any routine that you follow? let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading, catch up next Monday with a new pot.


Five ways how I styled a white t-shirt during the summer time

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.
This week I am doing a similar post to last weeks but with a white t-shirt another staple piece.

I feel like sometimes we have these pieces and only style them one way without switching them up.
so I will be starting a series by styling one piece in several different ways.

Some of these pictures have different tones, I am using a new camera and having problems with the settings, some of them will show me up a bit lighter.

Five ways how I styled my white t-shirt during the summer time


1. The first way of styling my white t-shirt, I accessorized with a dramatic necklace, giving it an evening look, you can use any necklace you desire.styling white t-shirt, summer look

2. The second way I created a crop top, by simply folding it under my boobs and tie a knot at the back.

styling white t-shirt, during summer time

3. The third way I tied a knot at the front, making it more stylish

styling white t-shirt, during summer time

4 .Fourth way I simply put a hairband and wrapped it around at the side and formed a little teardrop at the side.

styling white t-shirt during summer time

5. The fifth way of stying my t-shirt, I dropped one side and created an off the shoulder look.

styling white t-shirt, during summer time

Hope you are all liking the new series, styling one piece in several ways, thank you all for reading,  catch up with you next Monday for a new post.


five ways how I styled a white shirt during the summer time.

Hello everyone

Hope you are all doing well, this week I am showing you how to style a white shirt five ways during the summer time.

A white shirt is a staple piece and every girl should have one in their wardrobe.

They are versatile can be worn with absolutely everything.

Top five ways to style a white shirt during the summertime.

1. The first way I styled my white shirt is putting on this cute little collar accessory, to give it a different and stylish look.


styling a white shirt during the summer time

2. second a way of styling my white shirt, I simply fold the collar tucked it in and give it more of a V-shaped at the front.


styling white shirt summer time

3. The third way of styling my shirt is folding the collar tucked it in, formed a v-shape just like the second picture, and then tie the front for a cute girly sexy look.


styling a white shirt during the summer time


4. The fourth way  I kept the collars up, and simply tucked it under my boobs and tie a knot at the back.

styling a white shirt summer time


5. The fifth way I created a bandeau top by tying both sleeves at the front and formed a cute little bowstyling white shirt summer

I hope this inspires you to play around with your white shirt and create different looks

Thanks for reading, and catch you next Monday for a new post.


Father’s day gift guide…that you can follow

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well.
Father’s day is fast approaching, and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes trying to find that perfect gift, so I have decided to make a father’s day gift guide to give you some ideas.


1. Cufflinks
Cufflinks are not an everyday use for everyone but are essential to have, it’s one of those items we never think of buying until they are needed, they are a classic piece and adds that extra touch to an outfit on special occasions.

2. Personalised Gifts
I love getting gifts personalized, it just adds that special touch, it shows that you put a lot of thought and care into it, by personalizing a gift that is handmade it means no one else will have it, and it’s something the recipients will treasure forever.


3.Family day out
Get something organized and take him out for a treat, make that day all about him, some fathers work really hard, so a good treat with the family can be a memorable one.


Keyrings with a special message on it is a keeper, it’s a gift they can carry around daily with them, and it’s that one gift you know will get its full use.


5. something they always wanted
Men sometimes always have something they want to get, they kept talking about it but somehow never find the time to go and buy it, maybe because they don’t have the time, and sometimes they are just damn lazy, so you can have a listening ears and go purchase that item, gift wrap it and problem solved.


Go out and treat those dads, some of them truly deserve it, Happy father’s day to all you hard working fathers when it comes.