Five shoe hacks, every girl should know.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well.

This week I am listing five shoe hacks that every girl should know.


  1. We all have that favorite shoe that we like to wear, sometimes we wear it continuously until the tip of it worn out and started making that annoying sound, simple replace the tip of them with a shoe heel tip, you can find these on eBay or Amazon that way you will have lots more wear out of them.

2.   A shoe a little bit too big – we often found a shoe that we liked so much, but they might be a bit too big, simply solve the problem by buying an insole cushion, some of these comes in the form of a foamy sponge, which gives you a bit of extra filling and comfort these are a game changer.

3. Marks on shoes can be a put-off,  you can remove marks on patent shoes with nail polish remover and vinegar with a toothbrush on others, vinegar works well for everything.

4. A tight shoe can be unbearable, causing so much discomfort that you lose focus on what’s happening around you, to break into them wear the shoe with a pair of sock around the house and blow dry it for a few minutes with a hairdryer.

5. some shoes can very slippery, and you get that feeling you’re going to fall on your face anytime soon, simply solve the problem by using a sandpaper and rub off the bottom of the shoe to give it more of a firmer grip.

Hope these are all helpful, thank you all for reading and catch up with you soon.



  1. Brandi Aronson
    October 11, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Excellent tips!

    • kaydeon cargill
      October 14, 2018 / 3:55 pm

      thank you x

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