How to accept being in your 30s

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you are all keeping well, and pushing on despite the daily challenges we face each day.

As you can see by the topic I am talking about being in the 30s, I couldn’t imagine turning thirty I thought that’s it, when I hit 30 I felt weird, all of a sudden I felt grown up, I was a new me, I was always an old soul anyways lol, but just the thought of hitting that milestone makes me feel petrified, turning 30 didn’t make me feel OLD, but I was clearly aware that I wasn’t in my twenties anymore, when a person enters another decade its a natural inclination to feel older lol, for many women turning 30 is the real point of adulthood, you hear all those stories about what you should accomplish and where you should be in life by a certain age blah blah blah, its a whole lot of pressure on your shoulder for absolutely nothing but a number, I mean its a prime time in our lives to start taking things more seriously but it’s not the end of the world.

striped outfit,black coat
striped outfit,black coat

Here are some of the reasons I embraced being in my 30s

I started loving myself more and be more appreciative of every single thing, in my 20s I was so hard on myself, comparing, looking on my flaws and always trying to fix things, I realised we all have flaws/ faults and that’s fine, now I just embraced every God damn thing.

I stopped thinking about what others think of me, merely because I realised its impossible to please everyone, I focus more on myself ,live with the right motives and stop focusing on the wrong ones in order to keep a good piece of mind.

Confident: I feel like I look better than in my twenties, I am more comfortable in my own skin, I am way happier, and I feel a lot clearer of who I am as a person.

Personality: my personality haven’t changed much, my mind is still youthful, I am stronger and more vibrant.

I have accomplished a lot in my late 20s into my 30s and I have ticked a lot off the list as what seemed to be the MUST-HAVES in your 30s.

I have found my voice I don’t feel shy or nervous anymore, I feel like I can take on life struggles way better shedding fewer tears.

If you are in your 30s or approaching 30 how do you feel? let me know in the comment box.

I feel amazing and I am definitely living and enjoying life way more.

Thanks for reading my lovelies and catch up with you on my next post.


Kaydeon x

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