How to style a slip dress…during summer time.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well, thank you for the love on my previous post Be Bold Beautiful and Brave wearing prints this summer, really do appreciate it.

This week I am showing you how to style a slip dress in few different ways.

Slip dresses are slinky with a silky material, but you can dress them up in several ways because they are very versatile, definitely a wardrobe staple piece.


This is how I styled my slip dress.

  1. The first way I styled my slip dress is by accessorizing with a belt, giving it more of a stylish look.

slip dress, summer style, summer trend


2. The second way I styled my slip dress is just to wear a basic t-shirt underneath, this is how most people wear theirs.

slip dress, summer trend, summer look


3. The third way I styled my slip dress is by wearing it as a cami top with jeans, no one can tell it is a dress.

slip dress, summer look, summer trend

4. And the fourth way I styled my slip dress is putting a white shirt over the top of it.

slip dress, summer trend, summer look

Do you like the slip dresses? let me know if you do and how you will be styling yours this summer.

Once again thank you for the continuous support, catch up with you next Monday with a new post.


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  1. Brandi Aronson
    October 11, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Nice Kay!

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