Missing in action is needed every now and then.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

Hello my lovelies,
hope you are all doing well, I know I have been MIA from creating contents on my blog https://www.kaydeoncargill.co.uk, and I do apologize especially to my dedicated readers, but sometimes in life you have to stop, recharge, live in the moment and get inspired so you can be an inspiration to others.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

The good news is that I am back and will be posting a new content every Monday as per usual, there will also be few tweaks on the blog, you will notice that in the coming days so keep an eye or two out for that, I appreciate all the love and positive energy I am receiving.
I don’t know what I am doing to receive all this support, but I am forever grateful.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

I am very excited and highly motivated to create some good material coming over the winter months, weather permitting, so stay with me on this journey and let us continue to go through this together.

winter fashion, trendy fashion

winter fashion, trendy fashion

This weeks motivation quote is:
“Mistakes, Failures, Insult, Frustration and Rejection” are part of progress and growth, nobody ever achieved anything worthwhile without facing these five things.

Thank you all for reading and catch up with you next week for a new post.


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    October 11, 2018 / 12:54 pm


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