New beginning…getting ready for a new chapter.

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all doing well, feel like I haven’t had a real heart to heart conversation with you all for a while, so today I want to share something a bit personal.

As you may or may not know, I have been on maternity leave for ten months and returning to work this week. How did time go that fast? Just how?. As much as I like my job and my coworkers, I cannot say I am looking forward to returning. Each time I think about leaving Caydreen my heart sinks, but she will be in the best possible care and showered with love.

ripped jeans, yellow jumper, nude heels

ripped jeans, yellow jumper, nude heelsI am grateful for the fact that I don’t have to leave her with a complete stranger and she will be cared for within the comfort of her own home; this gives me peace of mind. I have been receiving so much love and support and despite my apprehension, I know things will work out. However, I need to adjust to this new routine and conquer any obstacles that arises.

I guess the way I feel is normal right?. The motherly instinct of being away from your baby just makes me think of all kind of crazy things.

Am I just being paranoid? Is it natural to feel this way? you would think it’s my first time doing this lol, all moms feel this way right? We have bonded so well over the last ten months I just can’t tell how we will both make it apart this week.

I am pretty sure there will be tears as I actually feel teary thinking about it, nonetheless, I am strong, I am a woman, I will be fine and Caydreen will be well taken care of.

ripped jeans, yellow jumper, nude heelsSo its time to ditch the loungewear, get up, dress up and show up.
I am grateful that I have a job to return to, a supportive husband and two amazingly beautiful girls, I thank Jah Jah every day.


To take my mind off things a bit, the family and I went out for a little wonder, and I treated myself to some new goodies from the  Fenty beauty range and managed to take some pictures, obviously lol.

Quote for the week.

Sometimes you have to let go of your current situation in order to be ready for the next thing God has for you.

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  1. Angella Stewartson
    April 30, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    Ahhhhh I felt the same way when I had to go back to work Kay but has you say she will be in the comfort of her own home been cared for and most important been loved. You will be fine and it’s just the mother in us let us feel that way…..sending some love your way hun

    • kaydeon cargill
      May 1, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      Thanks Gella means a lot xx

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