Top six online shopping hacks

Hello Lovelies, hope you are all well, thank you for the love on my previous post ,this week I am sharing with you my top six online shopping hacks if you are like me that loves shopping but hates going out physically in the shops to walk around, joining long queue waiting for ages this is for you.

I find it so comforting and satisfying to be at home sitting on my sofa or in my bed with my laptop browsing away maybe not in peace but I wouldn’t want it no other way.


If you have your favourite websites that you constantly shop on, sign up to their newsletter, that way if they have any offer or special discount code going, you will be one of the few that receive the codes first, Next  is  really good with this, they send you a vip slot to make purchases before the items actually go public.

Shoptagr is an app that allows you to save all your favourite items that you are thinking of purchasing from any website, what it does is send you a notification whenever the items goes on sale or special discounts, one of my favourite.

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Discount CODES
Some website offers you a welcome discount shopping code when it’s your first time making a purchase from their website, other websites offer a discount shopping code during the week so you can save a few coins or treat your self to an extra item, wink wink.

I love to go on websites and just add items to the basket without checking out lol, if I should check out all those baskets lord help me, but what I realised when I do that, the website will send you a cheeky little message reminding you that the items are still waiting and offer you a little discount shopping code, they don’t try and help you to save your coins, be mindful.

When websites are having sales never rush into it straight away, unless there is a particular item that you really want and the price is reasonable for you, I always wait for a few days or a week when the website really want to get rid of items and they provide an extra percentage on the previous sale, so its a sale on sale price, you get what a mean?, basically its a BARGAIN.

Most websites offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount, but if they don’t they can opt for a store delivery or a click and collect point near you, save yourselves a few pennies.

There you have it my Lovelies my top six online shopping hacks, if you have any that you want to share please leave it in the comment section down below.

Thanks for reading catch up with you on my next post.



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