Shocking UK swear words…with an inspired spring look

Hello my lovelies hope you are all keeping well, this week post is something very different from my usual post, I am talking about swear words (curse/cuss words) that are used in the UK, some I didn’t even know were considered swear words, I wanted to do this post because of a little incident I had a while back.
I don’t usually swear but sometimes need must, then I cross my heart and ask God for forgiveness lol.
Some of them you will recognise as I go along, come and have a laugh with me.

Here are my top seven swear words I wouldn’t even consider to be a swear word

1 PRICK… yea I said prick.. rolling my eyes at this, how is this a swear word in the UK?, according to the Cambridge English dictionary prick means ‘to make small hole/holes in the surface of something, sometimes in a way that causes pain.
But as a swear word in the UK, it means: and I will put this in best possible context, the male genital organ lol, but the worst word you can use to describe it…ask me how I don’t have an answer lol.

spring inspired look
spring inspired look

2 KNOB…mmmm I don’t know, the first thing that comes to mind is a doorknob, never will I ever think this is a swear word.. well this one is the same meaning as PRICK but only the head of male genital organ … honestly writing this post I am crying with laughter lol.

3 PISSED/PISSED OFF…moment of silence for this one lol, because this one I used in an interview…yes! you heard right an interview lol… I was asked “how would I handle an irate caller” I used the word pissed in my answer lol, I didn’t know it was a swear word until round two of the interview when they asked me” if someone used a swear word in an interview what I think should happen?”, I was wondering why they asked me the question
until it was explained to me, I sunk deep under lol..but long story short I still got the job because they realised I was genuine lol, Can’t get around this one, but I think it means inebriated.

spring inspired look
spring inspired look

4 BLOODY…”Bloody hell mate”, you must have all heard this one, it’s most commonly used in the UK, for basically everything, it’s just on top of the tongue but still considered as a swear word mmmm.

5 Balls– I guess this is considered a swear word in the context it’s used, but I wouldn’t say this is a swear word, ” you’ve got some balls”.

spring inspired look
spring inspired look

6 Gordon Bennett…first time I heard this I thought they were referring to someone… but its a profane outburst as “Jesus Christ.”.

7 Tart– first thing that comes to mind is a pastry lol, I don’t know how this becomes a swear word here in the UK, but any ho in a swear word it means B*T*H. 

spring inspired look
spring inspired look

I wanted to do this post for a long time…ever since that incident happened in an interview, so if you are planning on coming in the UK or living here, please be careful with your choice of words, hope you all enjoy this post looking forward to writing the next one for you.

The weather has been very mild in the last couple of days, so I’ve decided to put on a spring inspired outfit.

Thanks for reading and catch up with you all on my next post.

love Kaydeon


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