Shoes that best fits your personality…which shoes are you most comfortable wearing

Hello my Lovelies, How you all doing?.

Hope you are all keeping well.

This week we are talking about shoes, shoes that best fits your personality…which ones are you most comfortable wearing.



joggers, white shirt, summer look


Heels are classics; they make your legs look slimmer, make an outfit look more stylish and polished, but for most women including myself it’s a love/hate relationship because 99% of them hurts, and we tend to choose style over comfort sometimes, not my favourite to wear, but I do love them.


Flats are all about style and comfort; more laid back, with the right pair they can make an excellent accessory for any outfit, they can take you to the office and straight to the pub for a drink, for me, I can say these are my favourite, so easy to move around in and they are pain-free.

joggers, white shirt, summer look


Trainers/sneakers are so in right now; they are having a fashion moment, and I don’t think it’s changing any time soon, they can wear with almost every outfit, they are sassy, edgy and so street style chic, I absolutely love the trainer’s trend.

joggers white shirt summer trend



joggers, white shirt, summer trend


sandals suits just about anyone, there are so many different versions of sandals.

They can be casual and also glam, but I somehow feel like they are seasonal and can sometimes be the back shoes for the high heels, especially when you are on the dance floor, I love a good pair of sandals.


joggers, white shirt, summer trend

What kind of woman are you? comment and let me know which shoes are your favourite, I know it depends on the occasion, but if you could choose one to wear all the time, which one would it be?.

Thank you all so much for reading, appreciate the support.



  1. Audi Cargill
    April 16, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    Flats are my favourite for sure, but love a high heel on the dance floor #allnighter in my heels…😃

    • kaydeon cargill
      April 17, 2018 / 12:18 pm

      lol, Audi me too, heels all night even if I end up with elephantiasis.

  2. Melissa Everett
    April 16, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    I love flats and sandals hon, even though I don’t get to wear sandals very often because the weather doesn’t allow it.

    • kaydeon cargill
      April 17, 2018 / 12:16 pm

      Me too Mel x.

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