Styling blazer dress/ and being thankful

Hello, my Lovelies.

Hope you are all doing well.

THANKFUL- happy or grateful because of something.

Each morning on my way to work I always take the same routes unless there is a problem and I have no choice but to divert elsewhere.

Every morning I will see the same set of people on the roads, I will look out for this man walking close to the pavements almost into the road, two ladies feeding a horse and one particular mother that always caught my attention.

I could easily sum her up; each morning I passed her rushing with her two little boys, one in a pushchair and the other walking close to her on their way to catch the bus to take them to school.

styling blazer dress, stylish fashion

She never follows the pavement all the way round to the bus stop, instead, she will push the pushchair up a little hill probably because it is quicker for her to reach the bus stop.

If I don’t see these people I know I am running late, so I will see traces of the pushchair up the hill where she walked.

Two particular mornings when I reached to where they were at the bus stop, I saw her stepped away from her sons.

styling blazer dress, stylish fashion

It seems to me that she was upset, like any mother we all don’t want our children to see us crying, the next morning she did the same, and I could see the sadness in her eyes.

I immediately felt sad; I wanted to yell from the window of my car “ it’s ok, you are doing well and I admire you and your strength”, she wouldn’t even know a complete stranger is rooting for her,because I know deep down she was trying her best, but maybe she thought her best wasn’t good enough, probably she was fed up of rushing every morning to catch the bus at a particular time, I don’t know what the problem was I’m just assuming these things, all we need sometimes is motivation and someone telling us we are doing good,  life can get so overwhelming at times and leave us with no choice but to give in and let nature takes its course.

styling blazer dress, stylish fashion


Moral of the story

Be thankful for what you have, you make not be where you want to be just yet, but be easy with yourself, everything takes time, the struggles and the trials are all apart of the process, you cannot grow without struggles, you cannot develop strength without resistance, keep going, and never ever take anything for granted.

Some people would love to have what you have.

styling white blazer, red ankle boots

Styling blazer dress

Blazer dresses are so versatile; you can wear them in any season a must-have wardrobe staple piece.

You can dress them up with jeans, leggings and you can simply wear them on their own.

You can dress them down to wear during the day and dress them up for the evenings.

They are chic, stylish they can make you look like a million bucks if styled properly lol.

styling white blazer, red ankle boots

Thank you all for reading and catch up with you on my next post.

Thanks for the love on my previous post, if you haven’t seen it yet the link is here Styling midi dress during winter months.

Sorry for the late post, the blog was getting an update.

Sending love and kisses x


Good, better, best, Never let it rest ‘Til your good is better and your better is best’.





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