Where is spring…..styling camel coat


camel coat, winter style

Hello Lovelies, how you all doing?.

tell me please, hope you are all doing well, because I am frustrated, where is spring?

I feel so downhearted and fed up every time I looked outside and kept on wishing I was somewhere hot, lying on a beach, sipping on a cocktail, you with me lol?.

These past few days haven’t been the best, and each time I get my hopes up that spring is around the corner and I will be able to pull the barbeque out and start planting in the garden before I return to work, mother nature says its a NO, not yet.

camel coat, winter styleThis weekend I went out for the first time since having Caydreen, went on a little wedding anniversary date and it was snowing hard, so picture me walking in the snow with my two left feet lol, yes, I have two left feet, and I had heels on.

I can tell you my lovelies it wasn’t a nice sight, I was clutched under  Cadrie’s arm, who kept on saying I need to walk a bit faster…you all tell me now!

I was so flustered, hair all over the place, my feet were aching and to only discovered that the restaurant was located on a little hill, are you keeping up with me?

Anyways, I made it there hot and bothered lol, and actually had a cocktail, not mocktail, the real thing, well deserved I think, I had in mind to take some lovely photos, and share with you guys, but to be honest, with everything I went through, I just couldn’t be bothered.

I wanted to live in the moment and enjoy my time being out baby free, which felt absolutely amazing.

Hoping to do some amazing content over the coming days, and thank you all so much for your support on my previous post, really do appreciate it.

Had this coat probably over five years now, can’t even remember where I got it from, but what a little gem, can’t go wrong with camel coats.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend, and wish for you  a blue free Monday and a good rest of week


Thanks for reading.



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